Chapter Three

Synaesthesia, the stimulation of senses which create a pathway to memory.

‘The Chapters’ tell the distiller’s story through gin designed to evoke the scents and moods of the Otago Peninsula. 

These memories represent my connection to the place and my past, present, and future on the Otago Peninsula.

Chapter three

This memory, and the senses connected to it go back to some of my first memories of the Otago Peninsula.

The first house I lived in had a large, unruly overgrown and magical garden which, to a child, was scary and endless, and presented a tantalising challenge to get to the boundary where I could see low trimmed grass, a small garden shed, and three beehives. 

I remember a great adventure that took many days, pushing through the wild jungle with snakes and human-sized spiders to climb the fence into the manicured section next door and pulling the elaborate towers of secrets to bits, invulnerable to bee stings. 

Visiting the same spot recently, I laughed at the drama of childhood memories, magnified by the lens of passing time.

The specific smell that triggers this memory is a blend of fresh cut grass in the empty section, the dense bush of our garden path, and a mustyness similar to old hessian cloth, all coloured by the syrupy sweetness of fresh honey.

Chapter Three is an Old Tom style gin, popular in 18th-century England but experiencing a resurgence. It is slightly sweeter than London Dry, but slightly drier than the Dutch Jenever, sometimes called ‘the missing link’. It is made with traditional ingredients, and mānuka, tarata, and pear, sweetened post distillation with honey from the beehives on the Sandymount Distillery grounds. 

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